New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China


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Chinese government designates plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs or FCVs), which use hydrogen power, as new energy vehicles (NEVs). China, which has the largest auto market in the world by far (23 million sales annually vs 17 million in the U.S.), also has the largest market for NEVs in the world.
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, they also started the push for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, probably in anticipation of one of the unstated problems of EV manufacturing in the future: the bottleneck of metal supplies, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel etc. Hydrogen supply, on the other hand, is unlimited, and offers the following advantage:

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So it's not surprising that China is cutting subsidies for the maturing EV industry while moving toward hydrogen power:
The age of subsidizing China's enemies and helping them keep inflation at bay is over!


Here I am, in my Japanese company office alone on Friday night. My job is to research renewable energy and LNG for a big Japanese LNG company. Which should be the most exciting place to be in the world right now.

But I'm not feeling it. I've decided human beings are not worth saving.

Damn. On a Friday night, you should be renewing human energy as the Japanese often do on the last weekday.