New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China


The website below confirms that DYD's blade battery will be installed Tesla's model Y. I'm not sure what would this mean for BYD and Tesla. Is BYD's blade battery so good that touches Musk's heart or Tesla is not so confident on its own 4680 battery?

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If the rumors about Tesla getting BYD’s Blade Battery are true, the irony in the whole story will be very refined. A new report from the Chinese website stated that Tesla chose the Model Y to receive them. The reason would not be only cost but also the fact that the Blade Battery is a CTP (cell-to-pack) LFP structural battery pack. Since Tesla still did not manage to put its 4680 cells in production, it will evaluate the idea of a structural battery pack with technology from a competitor. But it gets worse: it is an automaker about which Elon Musk laughed ten years ago.

PS: BYD already imported HAN to Cambodia. I saw it unloaded at BYD's head office in Phnom Penh. Its head office is only about 500m from my office.
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You may know of the Electric Viking. According to him, electric vehicles have been 15% of China's auto sales so far this year.

(Video is 7 minutes long.)

I think he's counting by number of vehicles sold, and not by value of sales. Hence much of the growth is probably for the new $4000 cars. But it's legitimate to count that way, as these cheap cars should dominate China's auto market (and the auto market in many, many countries) for years to come.

Near the end of the video, the Viking predicts electric vehicles will pass the gass guzzlers in sales by 2025!


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Tesla is partnering with BYD.

Notice that the initials for the Electric Viking also happens to be EV.



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Elon Musk offended BYD early on plus or because Warren Buffet has had a stake in BYD for a while. Interesting if Tesla is buying blade batteries. I wonder what conversations they had over at BYD. Did Buffet say business is business? They were fighting over Sees candy that Buffet owns with Elon Musk threatening to create his own candy company. That's how petty it got.