New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China


Can't find a charging station? Nio will bring the charging station to you anywhere in China.

I've been watching YouTube videos of the latest Chinese cars... It's like night and day from not too long ago. Chinese cars use to look like crappy knockoffs of Western cars and now they've come into their own. I would love to get one but probably never will get the chance in the US. Yes the US should be afraid hence why I'll probably never get the chance to buy one.


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The electric buses are moving deathraps. Can you imagine if that happened while it had people inside. The bus burst into flames in only 2 seconds.
BYD's new blade battery technology would eliminate these fatal problems
Those are less buses and more giant golf carts. I'd love to know the standard they are built to.


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Those are less buses and more giant golf carts. I'd love to know the standard they are built to.
Yeah, just big golf cart use in some park,hotel,public place. I remeber 10+ year ago we import some of those from China. It basic steel frame with 4 wheel and electric motor, ofc with some basic primitive looking battery place under chair.Well basically it fire hazard on wheel. So you can figure out youself. Lol


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Thats a lot of charging points. Must feel good having Germany subsiding your EV charging infrastructure

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I don't see subsiding. All investment in the charging network will be paid back with profit by everybody who uses the stations. Imagine if BMW build a gas station, it does not mean BMW is subsiding the driver.


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They can still turn things around by fixing the problem with the brake. Shanghai municipal government has a vested interest in the Tesla factory.
It is fair to say that it is the Shanghai Municipal Government (a.k.a. state) that makes Tesla what it is today, including making Musk among top 3 richest persons in the world. This is a cruel irony to those who cry against the China model. Just watch the progress rate in Giga Germany or Giga Texas. They want to emulate Giga Shanghai. So Musk gives this live show pitching Shanghai against Berlin-Brandenburg and Texas.


Tesla is busy suing and threatening bloggers and commentators. It blames negative publicity for its problem. So fixing the brake problem would not be prioritized.
If I were in China and to buy an electric car, my first choice would be Nio ES6 for its reliable and built quality but in case I have more spare money, I may go Hiphi-X for its high-end technologies.