Naval Rotary UAV


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If those dimensions hold true, it'd make for a helicopter only slightly smaller, length/height/rotor diameter, than MQ-8c fire scout. But basically still in the same weight class. Actually, given some of the proportions seen in the images - the lower sitting rotor and shorter landing gear on the chinese aircraft, as well as the fact this design seems to be designed as an UAV from the ground up, I wouldn't be surprised the MTOW value might even be slightly over the fire scout's one.


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Not sure if it actually IS correct in this thread …

Any idea what's this? Again, it looks a bit like the mock up of the naval rotary-UAV/VTUAV developed for the PLAN by the 602 Institute we've seen in mid-2020, but either refined or even a totally different one. (Image via @航空君 from Weibo)



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Another Dubai Airshow pic, this time with AAMs fitted - not TY90, PL-9?


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The platform has been going through the testing phase and awaiting permissions, but that has not stopped the People’s Liberation Army already buying an undisclosed number of the drones, a CATIC official told Shephard during the show. The official added that the platform conducted its maiden flight earlier this year but could not say when CATIC would finalise testing.

CATIC has hopes that customers in the Middle East region will take interest in the AR-2000, but currently ‘no conversations are being had’ with customers outside China, the official noted.

The drone displayed at the show appeared to have been equipped with a SATCOM antenna in its nose and a smaller SATCOM antenna on its tail boom. The AR-2000 can also feature a wide range of short-range air-launched missiles.

The turbine-powered UAV can host sensors and reportedly conducted its maiden flight in 2023. According to the CATIC official, although the UAV’s configuration has been optimised for ship-based operation, it can fulfil a variety of missions on- or offshore.