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Was a VTOL UAV Spotted Aboard China’s Type 075 LHD ?
A new type of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was allegedly spotted last week aboard one of the two Type 075 LHD currently fitting out in China. Henri Kenhmann from East Pendulum has the story.
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Is this stealthy helicopter the reason why they have not mass produced helicopters for their LHD and LPD yet?


First of all, this isn't a stealth helicopter. It's a naval rotary UAV, which may or may not have a few RCS reduction features.

Second, manned 10 ton and 13 ton helicopters like Z-20 and Z-8 family respectively, are in a completely different weight class to the naval rotary UAV mockup we see and occupy entirely different roles. A naval rotary UAV of the size we see cannot do the roles that the manned helicopters do.

Third, why do you think the production rate of naval helicopters (Z-20 and Z-8 family in particular) is related to anything other than the development cycle of new choppers + high demand for helicopters in china and the PLA overall?


A very small image from a different angle.


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looks like China is pouring resources into unmanned systems

Type 075 will have unmanned rotary and Type 076 UCAV

really its the future

bit like 5G, 3D printing, Artificial intelligence and even outer space

China has put the right resources into them at the right time and now leads the Western world in these technologies

I think its right direction


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Beside Z-8 and Z-20 it does look rather small. But, I'd say it's actually not that much smaller than Z-9.


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what's is the point for these mockups on the ship at the building stage?
You can try to model (in a computer simulation) ships and their aircraft all you want. But working with the aircraft, with people, groundcrew, aircrew, etc, is very difficult. So doing this during the build phase allows you to make small build changes and it also allows you to change how the crew operates.