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Anybody posts this yet? I don't know what you guy think but to me, this rocket's shape looks like a giant male sxx organ.

Just a single engine failure can cause so much damage.

Imagine bunching together many more rocket engines, each with a much bigger thrust than the Blue Origin BE-3 engines.
Elon Musk was talking about containment measures for engine failure. Not sure how it's to be done though.


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Another no-go for Sep 27 due to storm.

Tentative new launch date now set for Oct 2, but still unconfirmed as NASA prepares to roll the SLS back into the assembly building in case of worsening weather. If so, the Oct 2 launch will likewise be cancelled -

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Missed launch window for day 02. SLS will return to VAB due to Tropical Storm Ian. There is no confirmed date for the return to the pad or even for the flight. Rumors say between early October or mid-November.

These are the next release windows:
Place your bet.
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Crew 5 arriving at the ISS -

This expedition is noteworthy for having Anna Kikina as the first cosmonaut since STS-113 back in 2002 to fly aboard a US spacecraft.