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Anyway have the Singaporeans forgotten what the Japanese did to them lol
Personal aside, growing up in a western country, obviously learning about WW2 was a total Eurocentric affair save a literal paragraph about the British Empire sending their colonial subjects off to die in a hopeless defense of HK.

While visiting some distant family members in SG, I was taken to Sentosa Island and the visitor centre at the time had the WW2 history with pictures of Sook Ching massacre (one of the places they did the mass killings was Sentosa). Quite shocking to see as a kid, and certainly not forgotten by me even now.

I wouldn't condone anti-Japanese sentiment for the sake of cultivating anti-Japanese sentiment, but the real history was not exactly rainbows.


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Since COVID has stolen Christmas, I've decided to watch Chinese war films instead.

I'm also waiting for the Korean sci fi TV series The Silent Sea to release on Friday, wanna see what Korean sci fi TV series will look like.

Anyone can give me recommendations?

I personally will recommend The Red Detachment of Women (1961). Communist action thriller, set in Hainan and starring a super strong heroine and handsome lead actor. I watched it in class in the past, and everyone enjoyed it.

I'm also looking to watch The Tokyo Trial, Red Sorghum, Devils on the Doorstep. Devils on the Doorstep seems very intriguing.

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Movie poster for Korean scifi TV series The Silent Sea, coming this Christmas eve.

Starring Bae Doona and Gong Yoo.


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Petition to save Cowboy Bebop is making the news. @Bellum_Romanum @Overbom
Did you like that show? I didn't, admittely i only tried to watch the 1st 10 minutes but tuned it off because it came across cringy (action scene was whack) and Mr.Choi didn't come across bad ass enough for my taste. He looked aged (worn out) his part should have been given to a younger Asian dude. Maybe am being a little unreasonable with my observation. What's your take?