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Here's the uncut version of the 1982 anime film Future War 198X.

Ken Williams said:
A pretty rare and hard to find animated movie from 1982. This is the full uncut version subtitled in English, the previous video floating around was from the US release that cut 35 minutes of footage and mangled the story beyond belief.

I am putting this up so people can actually see it, if it becomes available for sale I will happily remove it and buy a copy myself.


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The problem I had was I need to go to the restroom and I couldn't tell by this type of movie when was the right time to go and I missed the entire sniper sequence.
The sniper was'nt much good cause he kept missing,even with a clear shot of his target on the bridge.
Actually, some of the films scenes like going from 'A toZ' in the trenches or trying to get away from the Germans in the town,looked quite similar to those first person shooter games or whatever that genre is called.


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I just watched this "1917" WW1 film last night and it was great. The cinema photography was great and as well as the plot." :

It was supposed to based on a true story and yes, it certainly was a different style to Midway which was a complete waste of time. The theatre I watched Midway in had double beds in the front row with full reclining seats behind.
Uninhibited couples could indulge in a bit of ....

ahem and us behind would be seeing more than a movie