Mountain Cat light amphibious ATV


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The new mountain cat ATVs. Some of them are towing trailers and possible a mortar. Do these look like they have roll cages installed? Or are they simply covers against the elements?




I'm thinking in the future when the infantry ask for fire support, instead of dropping some bombs they ended up landing a company of those vehicles. Or do both.

Wonder if they can lift those with helis.


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Looks like you could fit the whole army in a few Y-20s. That howitzer can’t be real??

Don't see why not.

Already are examples of 155/39 and even 155/50s with integrated APUs that allow the gun to be repositioned over short distance w/o a tow vehicle. Albeit these are designed for assisting with the relocation and emplacement of the guns, not built for road marches in mind. Also 120mm mortars mounted on HMMWV class vehicles.

The PLA one is an extension of the above or a marriage of the above with the big truck SPAs. Ideal for airborne/air assault forces that previously relied on pack howitzers or M777 type lightweight guns (iow static guns).