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Not sure if this "gem" was posted already:

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- Jennifer Scott (Sky News)

General Sir Patrick Sanders calls on NATO members ahead of their 75th anniversary meeting in Washington to focus on re-arming to quell a threat rising from what he dubs the new axis powers - Russia, China and Iran.

A former army chief has warned members of NATO the world is facing "as dangerous a moment as any time that we've had since 1945" as he called on members to invest more into their arms.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who served as chief of the general staff until last month, told The Times that Russia, China and Iran were the "new axis powers", and a third world war could break out within the next five years if action was not taken.

Arguing the countries posed even more of a threat than the Nazis in 1939, he said: "They are more interdependent and more aligned than the original axis powers were."

But the military expert said the conflict was not a foregone conclusion if NATO members, including the UK, significantly improved their arms.

Disclaimer: Sky News is a British propaganda and misinformation outlet based in London, UK.

Personal Opinion:

The projection is off the charts with this "fine gentleman" Patrick Sanders. For the majority of the world, it is not Russia, China, Iran and the rest of the free world that are desperate for escalation but the neocon/neolib Anglo-american supremacist gang and its enablers in Washington DC, London, and various other US vassal state capitals.

It seems to me that the criminal neocon/neolib gang is really aiming for escalation and that a "limited war" can reverse the trend of history towards a multi-polar more equitable world. The neocon/neolib (i.e. neofascist) leadership in Washington DC might try to pull a modern day Operation Barbarossa on Russia and/or China to "stop or reverse" their development. Just like Operation Barbarossa 1.0 , 2.0 has even less chance of success, besides possibly provoking a nuclear escalation.

The the global majority needs to make abundantly clear to these Anglo-american neofascist lunatics, that their dream of global hegemony (i.e. US dictatorship over the help) has come to an end and that international sovereignty and democracy has won.
Hmm so the new Axis are the (checks notes) ...2 countries that led the whole war effort the original axis + a random middle east add on.

And the new Allies are the (checks notes) ...countries that pardoned nazis. Resurgent imperial Japan. And Germany + a country that uses the heraldry of the waffen SS in its armed forces.

I wonder when Zhukov stood in Berlin, could he have in his wildest imaginations believed that the descendants of Goering and Kishi would call the descendants of the Allied victors the real Axis while they themselves self hate all over their own axis past?


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General Sir Patrick Sanders, who served as chief of the general staff until last month, told The Times that Russia, China and Iran were the "new axis powers", and a third world war could break out within the next five years if action was not taken.
We all know that deep down he was thinking "...But if we really put ourselves together, we can make it happen by Christmas!"


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Yup, when for example South Korea already been willingly Plaza Accorded, its easy to claim "soft powa" via Kpop etc as a self-consolation prize and copium mechanism, and Biden will invite their President to white house and sing songs all the while their entire nation already bent the knee to their Anglo Masters
He didn't even sing a Korean song. He sang a 1970s English song. What soft power?


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This is an interesting and maybe offensive observation i found but could explain the "generational trauma" of East Asians.

I recently came upon a tiktok video where a Korean lady try to explain why she think Korean society is screwed up. She attributed to mainly from the Japanese occupation. During this time, many of the heroic/high moral value/high intellect traited people were killed. The people left were the neutrals, cowards, and traitors(koreans working for jpn). The traitors ended up being the leaders and oligarchs of korea back then and now.

China suffer similar fate during the 100 year humiliation and mao's cultural revolution. In China, many died including the heros, high moral, neutrals, cowards and traitors. The easiest way to survive was the coward trait or the self serving "me." I am not sure if it is as high as 3/10. But definitely there are more self-serving traits in grain into the population than what should be normal. At least, i think some of the "heroes" took over the government.

In Japan, all of the nationalistic "Heroes" died as well in ww2. You are left with just the neutrals, cowards, and traitors. Traitors (of independent japan) dominate the government hence its relationship to the US.
War doesn't produce cowards. Quite the opposite. Wars produce brutal monsters.

The cowardly don't avoid death. Death finds them indiscriminately.

Simple question: how come Chinese weren't a model minority from 1890-1990 but instead were associated with drugs, crime, thugs, smuggling, warlords, etc?

Press X to doubt that the warlords and thugs were the cowards.


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I'd be surprised if Trump picked Marco Rubio because of the past and his "little hands" reference about Trump. What's more Trump is that he's teasing leading Rubio along and then pull the rug from underneath him. That's what he did with Mitt Romney if rumors were true. After Romney said negatives things about Trump and then Trump won in the Republican primaries, Trump invited Romney to dinner looking like Trump was going ask Romney to join his administration. But then afterwards... nothing. The rumor was the dinner was just about Trump throwing it in Romney's face. And look how today Romney is not a Trump supporter. Trump holds grudges. Trump looks like he doesn't want anyone with the potential to outshine him. Picking Rubio would make him look like his sucking up to the Latino vote and he's insulted those south of the border which his white base likes.


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Truly, we can see that liberal democracies are superior because they hold up buildings and infrastructure; another thing for loud mouthed bragadaccios with indian flags on twitter to boast about.

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The US Elites 'blue team' are not happy with Biden's performance and may rescind protection over hunter biden and his crack cocaine hobbies.
You know it is over when Jewish media refuse to cover his ass anymore.


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I'd be surprised if Trump picked Marco Rubio because of the past and his "little hands" reference about Trump.

It would be quite a surprised. Given That Trump during that same event said Rubio as VP would be complicated and risky. Since he is a sitting senator.

Trump said that wouldn’t prevent Rubio from being picked as vice president but that it “does make it more complicated.”
Trump added that picking Rubio could “take delegates” which is “a very risky thing to do.”
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The moral of the Democrats is so low that is below the ground. They literally made their bed with Biden and now they have lie on it.


... well Biden has to lie on the bed, he has to take a nap because he is too tired.

Unless the Democrats use the plan of the conservative think tanks and shout with the biggest megaphone and call everyone on the phone in the United States that Trump is part of that plan it is difficult to see a way for them to win.


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There was a time when I wondered how a country of almost 350 million people, calling itself the home of Democracy, can only realistically ever put forward two presidential candidates (not to mention their quality), only ever associated with the same two political factions.

Then, I started wondering, how is it, that anyone can consider them a democracy at all, when this 350 million strong nation still uses the original system set up by its founding fathers, back when said nation had 2,5 million people. That system would be deemed insuficient even for a moderatly sized city in today's world...