Maritime Cooperation 2012 joint Chinese & Russian naval training

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Looking at the Jane’s all the armed force book; the Russian Navy (as well as everything else in Russia) is a shadow of its former self (numerically). There are very few ship operational, and many are older vessels. The Russian shipyards are now beginning to produce new and more vessels now, but do you see the same professionalism in the officers and enlisted as before? Better, worse, or becoming more western in its tactics and direction. What are your professional opinions?


I don't see them any better or getting better at all. What was the last new class of ship the Russians put to sea? I don't remember. Much of their naval officer corps is old. Very few young men. I don't know about right now but I know just a few years ago they had a high desertion rate in the lower enlisted ranks mainly due to low morale associated with pay problems.

I remember back in 2008 Russia announced that it was going to build six aircraft carriers.. to this day not a single piece of steel has been cut for these ships.

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The Russian navy is just a shadow of it's former self.