Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)


Tyrant King
this made my day, LOL!
US Navy proposes decommissioning first 4 LCS more than a decade early
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what to expect from the navy of a country with the president impeached
Impeachment has nothing to do with it. It’s business as usual. The Navy is begging for money so they put a draconian offer on the table. It would also retire cruisers and disrupt the Burkes construction schedule.


Tyrant King
Impeachment only matters to the political events. With the election year coming it’s more a slam to those running against the Sitting President than the other matters.
Remember that two other sitting Presidents have been impeached but neither has been removed and although the House impeached him that’s the start of the process the Senate is dominated by the President’s own party not the Opposition it take a Super majority to remove the President unless the Republicans defect in droves it’s impossible to remove President Trump via this means. All it is a smear. The only way to oust Trump is a Presidential election defeat in December.