Ladakh Flash Point

Bright Sword

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With ice and snow setting in Ladakh, it is assumed the PLA would be equipped with add on crampons on the boots to avoid slips and falls.
Alternatively micro-spikes might work.
Russians seem to use crampons and on flat terrain they used to use skis, but now use motorized sledges instead.

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India did opt for snowmobiles. Dated news, and its not clear if these are still in use.
These snowmobiles would still need fuel and special engine modifications to avoid altitude related power loss.
Also the terrain is not always flat like Canada. There are crevasses and rocks beneath the snow. The snowmobiles make a noise giving away the locations.

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Nobonita Barua

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Any idea folks how this 2+2 marriage ceremony might play out?
I don't see how it works unless those who must not be named completely give in to aryan lord, which in turn means, bye bye Russia.


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