Korean War 70 years later Win Lose and A draw


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张计发 Zhang Jifa fought the Japanese invaders, then fought the yanks in Korea at Battle of Triangle Hill (上甘岭). Wounded 8 times, awarded 6 times. Died today aged 95.


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On the one hand I admired him as a Chinese battling racism. On the other I loath him for fighting against China in Korea.

Pioneer military aviator shoots down racism

Won, Ronald flew an F-84 Thunderjet in Korea in 1951


OCTOBER 19, 2019

By Dr. Raymond Douglas Chong (Zhang Weiming)

Ronald Chin Won is a pioneer aviator who, against all odds, overcame racism to become a military and commercial pilot for the Air Force and Pan Am in 1939. As a trailblazer in the Chinese American community, he served in three wars and became both an accomplished military and commercial aviator until 1985.

Ronald was born on May 20, 1925, at Omaha – Gateway of the West in Nebraska. Jok Chin, his father, was a successful merchant from Toishan with various businesses including the famous King Fong Café in downtown Omaha.


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