JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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What exactly is your question by circling the MAWS?

On JF-17 Block 1 and 2 (rightmost picture being an example of it), the rear facing MAWS is installed at the base of the tail, while on JF-17 Block 3 (leftmost and middle pictures being examples of Block 3 airframes) the rear facing MAWs is installed at the top of the tail.
Why the change?


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HI, initially when JF17 production been in full swing China made a deal
with Russians& secured 500 engine for JF17, now someone with more
knowledge can calculate how long those 500 can get along with BLk1 & 2
Accordingly to engine life cycle hours, so the best bet for BLk3 is WS 13
thank you


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Why the change?

Much better sight picture around the plane with much smaller blind spots. Also, moving it further from the engine exhaust should improve performance.

The reason it wasn’t at the tail tip to start with is probably to do with available space. Previously other equipment took up all that space, but they probably managed to shrink it via miniaturisation so now they can move the MAWS up to a better position.