JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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Things were different then. I think ten years ago Argentina wanted to buy Block II and had really strange conditions like full TOT transfer and sending the planes to the US for flight testing evaluations. Apparently they are going for Block III this time, a platform that is far more capable with AESA and full FBW. On top of that, the JF-17 has also participated in combat and though it did not achieve aerial kills in 2019, it demonstrated PAF’s confidence in the aircraft by deploying them in the field of combat. One additional consideration is that relationship between China and Five-Eye nations like GB has soured since the trade war and COVID. China no longer has qualms about exporting aircraft to Argentina in fear of upsetting relations with Britain since the British government is already doing stuff like banning Huawei.

It would be cool to see jf-17 in Argentina, but they are cash screwed more or less. It will not happen, they will get something like second hand Mirage 2000 or whatever cheapest solution available.

I would not discount the Argentinian tender as completely out of the realm of possibility. All this comes very fresh on the wake of disaster of Argentina's attempt to acquire the Korean KAI FA-50 light fighter last year. Negotiations were going very well and nearly complete from what I've read but the Koreans were forced to withdraw their offer last minute by the UK's ban on military export to Argentina, this was related to a few minor components but most notably the Martin-Baker ejection system that is ubiquitous in most fighter aircraft these days. The Argentinians have so far failed to acquire Kfirs, old Mirage F1s, old F-16s and now the FA-50, the list of remotely modern aircraft Argentina can acquire without the UK blocking it is getting smaller and smaller. The Argentinian air force, once one of the biggest on the continent is now reduced to 4-6 old A-4AR Fighting Hawks and can no longer even really fulfill even basic air policing duties. The Argentinians will never go Russian, even though they were offered the MiG-35, mostly because the Argentinian air force has no experience or infrastructure for Russian logistics and equipment, the JF-17 at least is compatible with many western weapon systems and can be equipped with a Chinese ejection system rather than a British one. If the Argentinians DON'T acquire the JF-17 (most likely which would occur due to financing issues like the F-1s) there are almost no other options for them.