JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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man J20 is a beast

JF17 is a very lightweight fighter
When I saw the J-11B and JF-17 beside each other in Shaheen-VI, that was when I first became aware of

A) The absolutely massive size of the Flanker


B) The extremely small size of the Thunder

And it looks like JF-17 is going to be a very lightweight but also very powerful fighter once Block 3 enters service (should not be far from now). New engines (whether it be WS-13 or the new 'breakthrough' RD-93MA) will provide it capability of Mach 2 flight along with significantly improved TWR, which finally puts it in the class of F-16, JAS 39, and J-10C in terms of kinematic performance. Integration of AESA radar, even better EWS, compatibility with PL-15 missiles (maybe also PL-10E), IRST, HMD/S, etc. would make it superior to most or nearly all light fighters currently in service. The question will then be whether it can remain an affordable jet (i.e. not much more expensive than B2) such that it wouldn't strain PAF's budget too much, and that other nations with smaller military budgets can procure them in significant numbers.