JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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PAC should develop buddy refueling for JF-17. One IL-78 can only do so much.
PAF has 4 IL-78MP tankers, should be enough. Combined with SOW ranges and proximity of our bases to border its not a major concern. If it needs to convert existing platform, C-295s can be converted to tankers as well as C-130s, both more effective options than investing/developing on buddy refueling for JF-17. Furthermore a aircraft that could augment the C-130 fleet and eventually replace it is on the cards in the future (low on the priority list though) but PAF could choose a option which could have the refuel capability as well.
Eg Embraer C-390/KC-390 (Shares same engine as Airbus A-320 series)

asif iqbal

yes good observation

we would like to see more JF17B now its Sep 2020

also I would liked to have seen the 2 x JF17A Block III by now


Just Hatched
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Somehow I missed this pic. This is the first time I saw a pic of the B model with an IFR probe. There were some concerns about the placement angle with the side opening canopy. Glad to know it is working out.

Also, I have noticed that the newer models only have three hinges rather than five visible in the picture above.