JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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JF-17 equipped with Dual Ejector racks for BVR missiles. 2X PL-12 BVR Missile On One Pylon of JF-17 THUNDER .

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It's a full mock up on display at Chengdu. I read a interview reason why PAF hasn't gone for 4 BVR load out is current radar can only guide 2 missiles at a time so they don't think it would be of practical use. For Blk 3 this would not be a issue on new radar so can expect such a load out then.


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Because of its small size class it probably would have much use. Generally Buddy systems are top off not fuel up.
Think of it like a flying Jerry can. Where a dedicated tanker would be a flying gas truck. That Jerry can can get you out of a tough spot if you run outta gas it means you can get to a gas station. Where as the gas truck sets up a mobile gas station.