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Interview with a female ex-JGSDF member who was inspired to join up after witnessing rescue efforts by the Self-Defense Forces in her home town during Tohoku 2011.

As soon as she finished training, however, she was subjected to daily sexual harassment, abuse and direct assault from her peers and superiors, to the point she nearly committed suicide, only to be interrupted by a call to duty as an earthquake struck.

Reports were brought up, and dismissed on grounds of being "part of the training". Charges were subsequently filed, likewise dropped on grounds of "lack of evidence" as witnesses were "ordered" not to testify.

The JSDF has a high suicide rate due to the extreme hierarchical and conformal structure within the forces.

The mental and physical "toughness" that are expected from service members mean that abuses that would otherwise be illegal are often unreported, outright ignored and tolerated in order to preserve "unit cohesion".

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That was quick, like everything they were looking for was already there in plain sight -

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Very brave of the woman to have brought her case to light indeed, esp. now that it's been "discovered" she wasn't the only victim in her unit, let alone the entire force -

Justice at last, in her year-long court battle to bring the perpetrators to account, or a semblance of one considering the defendants have only been given suspended sentences, basically a slap on the wrist for the amount of damage they did not only to the victim but the image of the entire force -



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H-III rocket still not in service. Disappointing. I have been waiting for this rocket for like a decade.


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Strange, why are they using foreign designs and not their own domestic version. I thought their MIC is capable enough to design something as simple as a LAV? They have their own tank and APC design for example.
No kidding. This seems to be a new trend in Japan. Importing foreign army system designs. You would think with Japan's auto industry they could do their own vehicles.