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The type 17 ship launched Anti Ship Missile is based on the Vertical Launch type 12 land based anti-ship missile which originated from the air launched anti ship missile ASM-1.
Like the type 12 land based ASM, the type 17 Ship launched ASM is capable of vertical launch and equipped with GPS for mid-flight target acquisition feature.

If you look at the diagram closely you'll able to follow the progression of how the missile evolved with the top layer representing Air launched version, the middle layer representing the land based version and the bottom layer representing the ship launched version.

basically it i meant the new ssm


LOL! no
putting a missile perpendicularly to the ground doesn't always involve
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EDIT I hope you're not trolling
Well within the link you had provided it states as follows;
Other platforms
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are wheeled or tracked land vehicles for the launch of surface to air and surface to surface missiles. In most systems the missiles are transported in a horizontal out of battery configuration: in order to fire the vehicle must stop and the transport/launch tube must be raised to the vertical before firing.

BAe has filed patents relating to the use of Vertical Launch missiles from modified passenger aircraft.

So basically it is another Vertical Launch Platform but a Vertical Launch System none the less since it fits the general description, unless you will not consider AEGIS on Shore a VLS just because it is not on a ship even though it utilizes the same Mk 41 VLS system.


Interesting find about the XSSM, if you look at the diagram within the article and compare it with the diagram I provided you'll see the one on the article is the latest version with two new entries.

One in the JASDF section about (X)ASM-3 and one in the JGSDF concerning the XSSM system which will be a ground launch variant of the (X)ASM-3.