J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII


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One more in high-resolution.



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@Chandragupt … take this as a clear and public warning and even more STOP twisting words!

You never had any intention to suggest improvements in order to make the J-20 better, it was a lame and stupid attempt to post via a plain ridiculous report to start some sort of discussion - I rate it a flame-war - aimed to bash the J-20 … in fact this is trolling!

No-one here would be against a honest discussion but not based on such a BS!


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From East Pendulum twitter:-
L'Usine 132 CAC à Chengdu a effectué le premier vol d'usine de l'année.

Translated from French
Factory 132 CAC in Chengdu performed the first factory flight of the year.
Screenshot (6849).jpg
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This could be the first production batch of 2023, under-going pre-delivery test flights. Could be another 24(?) or so J20 for delivery in first quarter of 2023.
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