J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII


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Some never before seen images from J-20's first flight.

My uncle looked so young in there lol. I'm not going to say which one.


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The life story of Yang Wei, the important lesson see the highlight sentenced below.

From samsara (Pakistan defense forum)

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The Chief designer of J20 Yang wei passed his national college entrance examnation (Gaokao) and went to the universty at 15.

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Yang Wei had fateful journey to arrive at his education, achievements and career today. Even though his exam score met the Northwestern Polytechnical University standard but he's color blind thus failed the physical & health requirements. Fortunately his school teacher knowing his good marks helped him by making some call to the university, and it happened that the head of the department in NWPU, a student of Qian Xuesen, was also color blind. Yang Wei was asked to come and met in person, and eventually was admitted to the NWPU.

And another crossroad, also from his own words in above footage, at one point of time he was just short of one point mark to get the first place when there's a vacant for government scholarship for studying abroad, thus the other candidate who was selected. Upon his flash back, that narrow miss was helpful for his life. Had he obtained that scholarship and studied abroad, he might not have been what he's today.

Some story about his admission into the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS):
如何看待歼20战机总设计师杨伟当选中国科学院院士? - 知乎

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Besides the news concerning the eventually halted J-10C deliveries, this is the - at least IMO - even more important part:

So come on ... please show us such a J-20A with 61x2x-serials!??

PS: And yes I know this image of J-20A no. 61021 is a BAD FAKE. :p

J-20A to Anshan.jpgJ-20A 61021 - 1. Brigade - PS +.jpg