J-20 5th Gen Fighter Thread VIII


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I don't think we need to do a forensics assessment of every recent article from every military figure that has made a comment about J-20. For this specific TWZ article, we've already essentially reached a conclusion so there's no reason to talk about it further or to go on further tangents and dig things up from the past.

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I know that we are not technically supposed to pursue this discussion but I’ll add one last thing before shutting up, in light of the issue brought up in Yankee/ShiLao’s latest podcast since they are seasoned PLA watchers and offer some insights on Chinese view of the matter which I find valuable. In short, they summarized Wilsbach's comments as "epileptic", especially for a military top brass with extensive practical experience operating fourth/fifth gen aircraft first hand. They agree with @Deino's tweet that the statements were political and unprofessional, and that they are more inline with the ignorant stuff civilian congress people say to get votes (especially that all of J-20's tech is ripped off from US tech).

One interesting tangent conversation addresses the comment that "Chinese military top brass probably think F-35 is nothing to worry about either". Yankee expressly stated that it is not true, and that generals often harangue AVIC with PPT claims of F-35's capabilities. Essentially, they take all of Lockheed's claims as true and are not only planning the conflict based on said capabilities, but pushing AVIC to improve the J-20 according to the PPT claims! Yankee stated that some of the intelligence people in China have expressed dismay about "where can we find an actual F-35 capable of doing all those things simultaneously".