J-15 carrier-borne fighter thread


Re-posting some lost images of the carrier aviation training facility.



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What is the J-15B and how is it different from the A?

It's a CATOBAR variant. I had to dig through this thread.


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After like what, years of nothing (except for mockups I believe?), it's nice to see an actual flying aircraft.

Do we expect GaN radars on this?

Chances are GaN will or already has been introduced on radars of certain aircraft already, and whether J-15D has it or not doesn't really matter.
Chances are it will get it eventually if it doesn't have it already, especially as we don't know in what form the J-15D will be properly procured under.


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I always wondered how much the canted radome aperture could improve the RCS and as a side effect the BVR performance of a Flanker on a 1v1 basis. Like essentially, aside from the Mig-31, these things have the biggest RCS of an active, high end fighter although we don't know the details.
By itself, not much.

You may want to check su-35 (the only flanker actually seriously treated for RCS) - before all the fancy solutions - it begins with cleaning the whole huge airframe of access ports and unnecessary reflectors. Then come hotspot treatment (redesign, RAM), and only then actual LO features will start giving any positive return.

Though canted radome may mean that J-15B does have those measures taken...we'll need a high-quality pic to really compare.