J-15 carrier-borne fighter thread


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I am bit disappointed with fact that J15T meant for EMAILs carrier will still use old Russian engines. I thought that purpose of further purchase of those engines would be for maintaining earlier J15 variants based on CV16 and CV17...

From what I understand, the CATOBAR variant for the J-15 is still under development which you don't want to be doing so with an new engine. I suspect that once the J-15 B/T moves past (not achieve it) from IOC status is when they'll start building J-15B (assuming they'll be calling as such) with a domestic engine.


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how many of the J15 batches now have Chinese engines ? or all are still using Russian ?

did J15B prototype not use WS10 engine
afiak at least one J-15 prototype (stobar) tested WS-10, the J-15S twin seat variants are using WS-10, and if I remember correctly the catobar testbed that we’ve known for quite a few years now uses WS-10.
Apart from those few, all J-15 uses Russian engines.


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More images of buddy refueling at night.



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