J-10 Thread IV


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Oh lord, makes me appreciate PLAAF's low visibility grey camo even more. Is there any tactical value to this kind of camo at this day and age? Harder to spot from air when doing low level penetration over jungle?
Supposedly camo against air strikes when the jets are on the ground. Quite outdated given the advances in radar and other ISR means.


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... as it seems, the PLAAF also started to re-engine its J-10B fighters - see the also reward facing RWR on the tail fin's base - with WS-10B engines.
(Image via CCTV)

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Just a question to @huitong ... do I misunderstand your latest post?


You don't mention any thing - like I suggested - it may be a re-engined J-10B, So you assume it is just one of the finla two WS-10B-equipped ones?


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So far best image of the two green-grey dragons

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One more.