J-10 Thread IV


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I’ve seen a few other pics lately of PL-10s with apparently non-transparent seeker. Not sure if it’s due to the missile being training rounds (which are blue imo, so a bit unlikely) or if the seeker head is just designed to be opaque

I think training IIR missiles still have seekers to lock on to the targets during training dogfights. So this may just be an updated version of the seeker glass that isn't transparent... sunglasses for missiles I guess.


Just a cool image. Nothing more.



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Guizhou os taking over from Chengdu. Production will be solely focusing on J-20 going forward.
When the J-35 gets the go-ahead for mass production, would Shenyang also be solely focused on the J-35 production line as well?

Since I could see the enormous benefits of focusing and specializing one one single aircraft model, with effeiciency and speed of pumping out fighter jets being massively improved.