J-10 Thread IV


A very nice magazine scan of a J-10C, taken during an OPFOR exercise in the northwest.



The J10 has intake pylons for pods.

The PLAAF has never really been obsessed with hanging as many missiles as possible on their planes. Even Chinese flankers are rarely seen carrying a full missile load.

Chinese pilots have pretty much always trained to fight opponents who are at a minimum equipped equivalently, and usually with better equipment. In those kinds of fights, you very rarely would get a chance to use anything like double digit missiles. So best case all those extra missiles carried is just a waste of fuel and worst case, the needless performance penalties from carrying so many missiles might turn out to the difference between life and death when the margins are already razor thin between opposing forces.


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Posted a couple months ago - chances are J-10Cs already have the ability to have four PL-15s using dual rack pylons on each wing. Center pylon most likely reserved exclusively for additional external fuel tank and/or targeting pods.
the dual rack is not an ideal solution as they took up spot that can be used for land attach/Anti-ship weapons. The central fuel tank is small anyway and it can be replaced by making the other 2 fuel tanks larger (as on Mirage 2000). If they can do that, it allows J10 to carry 2 fuel tanks, 2-3 PL15, 2 PL10 and 2 large ground/ship attacking weapon without changing the air frame too much.