J-10 Thread IV


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So it appears we were right in claiming the WS-10A/x not making its way onto J-10 in the past was indeed because PLAAF wanted 10 or so years of proven reliable service of WS-10A on J-11 before allowing it on a single engine fighter. I don't believe these WS-10 are too different from the WS-10A or whatever the latest variants are on Sino-flankers. That condition from PLAAF combined with a relatively limited production rate.

So it appears China did in fact totally master the design and manufacturing of high thrust turbofan back around 2012. WS-10 isn't a 2020 success story, it's a ~2010 success story just proven now. All those haters and trollers can eat it but they're probably wallowing in a world of delusion still. Of course this isn't to say a WS-10A/x is equal technology to something like a F110, especially when it comes to MTBO and lifespan.

Doesn't have to be equal to the F110 right now. But the important thing is that it is in production and being actively equipped which, allows the supply chain to improve and optimize their production technology. Every country knows the formula to the metallurgy required for turbine blades, but not every country has the manufacturing capability to produce them.

As long as we have this engine in production, even though it cannot be equal to the F110, it is only a matter of time that the industry gains enough experience to improve this engine. Additionally, once the basic supply chain is built up, the development time for the next generation engines such as the WS-15, WS-20, etc. will become shorter.


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Golden helmet winners or just the lighting?

Also noteworthy is the rare shot of J10s (or any PLAAF aircraft for that matter) with targeting pod and LGBs.
Pretty sure that picture is taken during filming from the sky hunter movie, specifically we can note the wolf or fox insignia on the side of the air inlet which was for the movie.


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Given they are indeed all with 75, then we would have at least three Batches (aka 02, 03 & 04) with 75 Aircraft each = 225 + 56 J-10B (Batch 01) = 281 J-10B/Cs at all.

This would be enough for 10 Brigades (with each 28 single seater) ... problem is, that we only have 7 Brigades (= est. 196-200 ac.) confirmed, which would better fit to lower numbers like about 56 in batch 01, 76 in Batch 02 and about 40 in Batches 3 & 4 making 212 J-10B/C alltogether.
I'd think chances that we simply don't have the up to date info on current brigades are quite high. There's likely indeed 9 or 10 brigades using J10b/c by now. But we'll learn of some of them only in the months and years to come.


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I don't think it is the same engine as early WS 10A. Installing it on J10C show that the engine has reached maturity from the earlier design in term or reliability and MTBF thru incremental improvement in material science and engineering. I mean they have been working on it close to 30 years now and that is the average number of years for high performance engine to reach maturity. So it is about the right time. so ignore all those western insult . People in the know like Henri K has no such delusion. I have been saying that for years there is no shortcut They just have to sweat it out

On remarquera qu'il s'agit d'un J-10C équipé du moteur chinois WS-10, et non du moteur russe AL-31 FN Serie 3 comme sur des lots précédents. L'application du WS-10 sur un appareil mono-réacteur témoigne son entrée en maturité. 1 1 5

Note that this is a J-10C equipped with the Chinese WS-10 engine, and not the Russian AL-31 FN Serie 3 engine as in previous lots. The application of the WS-10 on a single-engine plane testifies to its maturity. 1 1 5
I think the engine has been mature enough for the J-10 for years, but CAC has a long running contract for the AL-31FN, and there may not be enough WS-10 for both J-10 and J-11 production, with the WS-10 being prioritized for the J-11 and the J-16 production. It probably means that as the AL-31FN contract expires, that the WS-10 production may have sufficiently ramped up for both aircraft types, and you can produce more of the engines without risk of dropping your quality level, all these as part of a long running plan.


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Are the Chinese eventually going ahead with a J-10 TVC version? Would be nice to see one flying around; the new AMK Eurofighter is a beast, but a TVC-ed J-10 can outdogfight most 4th gens. It doesn't even have to be on for all missions, just a strap-on strap-off TVC that can be used for air superiority as opposed to strike missions.