J-10 Thread IV


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True that, several aspects of the displayed info support this conclusion. The silhouette (along with the other clues noted earlier) does pretty much exclude the possibility that we might be looking at a JF-17, though - I expect the symbology is intended to be superficially plausible, so it at least matches the aircraft.
The details of the cockpit match the images of J-10C cockpit that we've had before, like what siege posted in #3337

The image on the MFD is not real, but I think the rest of the physical parts look legit.


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Please remember not to hotlink images from other sources ... Your were kindly reminded twice alone in the last weeks and now it's me.

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Supposedly the J-10C's cockpit, but it's unconfirmed at this point:

View attachment 53847
Look at the HUD - UFCP.
You can read CALIBRATE SET.
All displays are in the same mode.

It is unlikely to see the real operating software on the displays for the media or unauthorized people.

IMHO, probably the image come from the recent exercise with Pakistan AF, maybe during a media day.