J-10 Thread IV


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I suppose the J-10 silhouette on the left MFD is too obvious? ;)
I think the images projected on the MFDs aren't real, but rather stand-ins. For one, the center upper display (below the cockpit) says "calibrate set" in English for some reason -- which while it is not damning, does make me wonder as to the actual MFD images shown.
This image was apparently taken from a television show.

I suspect the cockpit shot might have been from a real J-10 but the actual images in the MFDs are fictionalized. I find it difficult to think that the PLA would allow release of actual displays from the MFDs this clearly.


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I think it is very likely that your image is a mockup of the J-10C's cockpit. Rumor has it that they are really pushing it for export.
Turns out that the image was grabbed from a TV series. It doesn't automatically discredit the validity of the configuration but it does explain why some of the components, such as the radar image on the bottom screen, seems to be cartoonish and child-like.


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I think the images projected on the MFDs aren't real, but rather stand-ins.
True that, several aspects of the displayed info support this conclusion. The silhouette (along with the other clues noted earlier) does pretty much exclude the possibility that we might be looking at a JF-17, though - I expect the symbology is intended to be superficially plausible, so it at least matches the aircraft.