J-10 Thread IV


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According to dafengcao tweet.

Both J-10 and J-20 fitted with domestic engines are now in production.

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Not much evidence to it but the usual leaked information pass the censors using cartoons.

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Already posted yesterday... but allegedly the first better images of the WS-10 powered J-10C ... (Images via Icloo/PDF)

10C.png 10C2.png 20190801_090850.jpg


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(3rd Pic) Is that a chined nose section? There seems to be something like a straight chine running from the nose cone to the canard. Could also be an artifact from the angle of the sun.
J-10B/C has a flattened nose that always looked like it is chinned from certain angles/lighting conditions.


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I'm wondering if the J-10C will see a J-10D export version with TVC. The Pakistanis will have demand for it to match Indian Rafales.


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Would be nice to see, any export first. We have heard rumors. But until we get a confirmed photo of J10 in ANY iteration A,B,C, future versions actually wearing a non PLAAF livery. It’s all story.