Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Now that the US military is wholesale adopting the 6.8mm caliber, how effective is existing Chinese body armor used by the PLA?

We only know that large order of body armor made not that long ago, don't know if that's supplement the existing stockpile or including new body armor, since 6.8mm caliber has been in development for quite some time.

Think of the the new 6.8mm as way to have a 7.62 NATO punch while been light as it can be ,chances are the new body armor is fine , I remember it been a ceramic plate ,most of the ceramic plated are made to stop an 7.62 NATO round .The older ones though are unlikely to stop the round. But not that many soldiers die from bullets even during ww2 ,most are killed and wounded by artillery and grenades . In that regard the older body armor should do just fine.

The 6.8x51mm the US just adopted doesn’t have an AP round just yet only an EPR the XM1186. Which would likely not penetrate modern level IV armor but would probably hurt a lot more on the back face deformation then 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mm.
The EPR round is basically the modern take on the FMJ. It’s a steel cored round designed to penetrate cars, Doors and walls, cinder blocks and bricks, plywood, trees ecta… it’s an anti barrier round. The norm for the worlds military as until the last decade Body armor able to stop FMJ was mythical. The few AP rounds that were introduced were rarely if ever used and never by main line infantry by anyone. For valid reasons. IE why issue anti-Unicorn rounds if Unicorns don’t exist? The few AP types that have been produced were for the potential of Unicorns being created. Rounds like the M993 but that was created in 1992. As material science advanced it’s generally considered that it’s hit the point where that round is probably insufficient as the possible threat of the 1990’s era Unicorn isn’t anything as sophisticated as the 2020’s more realistic Unicorn. Basically the material science of 1990s body armor didn’t justify widespread issue. Where in 2022 the science of materials means not only is it more protection but frankly easier to make.
Ergo as Body armor is both better and more available the chances of AP ammo being issued widespread increases too.
Using older AP rounds that China likely tried to build against to compare against the in development 6.8x51mm AP (likely to be the rumored XM1184) round I think is a poor choice. The ammo is lighter that 7.62x51mm round but that in the casing not the bullet or propellant load. commercial loads are between 138 grain to 140 grain
The pressure point, velocity and energy of commercial .277 Fury is already higher than 7.62x51mm. Meaning it looses energies and translates a ballistic energy transfer dramatically differently than 7.62x51mm everything indicates this may be a round designed to partner with a hardened Tungsten type penetrator to Defeat modern armor and not just a modernization of 7.62x51mm. This all said infantry are just part of the combat system of systems.


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Can anyone find Hwoyoung's website?

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Because with the new stuff like ↓ they seem to be pumping out, we shouldn't just dismiss them as domestic Holosun.

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I can't find any website, but I dug around and found that Holosun and Hwoyoung are merely trademarks of the parent company Xi'an Haoyang Xinghuan Photoelectric Technology Ltd (
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), which is headquartered in Xi'an but has at least one facility in Foshan, Guangzhou.

Domestically, the company's products are simply sold under the 昊阳 (Haoyang) brand, which I think that's what the logo "Hwoyoung" is meant to convey – the pronunciation is close enough.

However, the absence of a corporate website makes me wonder whether Xi'an Haoyang itself might be a subsidiary of yet another much larger corporation.


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They can have plastic models/replicas or borrow a rifle from a police department or any other authorized unit. We have seen that many times in the past. Also, at least from the looks of it, the patches on his backpack and right arm don't belong to any SOF unit that I know of.
The patch on his back is the Bloodwing logo that was recently announced


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Bloodwing is a trademark of Kestrel Defense, not the name of a military unit.
I am aware of that. I was not implying Kestrel Defenses Trademark is a Military Unit.

I only mentioned the outfit they were wearing or advertising is supposedly the Brand the special tactics units will be using considering Bloodwing is associated with the PLA also are the ones developing their next generation equipment.