Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


To be honest PLA infantry do feels like upgraded North Korean army. This white cat, black cat don’t matter if they catch a mouse ideology is so old fashioned. A properly dressed military personell also gives an psychological impression of competence & professionalism. A random enemy soldier would react differently against random person wearing US infantry camo / PLA camo.
Humans since ancient age has always tried to appear meaner, stronger, bigger by using various makeups, ornamnets, outfits to psychologically demoralize its opponents.
I bet atleast half of the twitter keyboard warriors will stop spamming war against China if they see how modernized Chinese military personnel appear.
The only way for those Twitter keyboard warriors type to shove it, is to have an actual war and have them be found at the business end of gun barrels.

And since the loudest of those sods are typically those from Taiwan...


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Which, anonymity and hidden IP are the ideal breeding conditions for trolls.

But that's off-topic already.

In any case, the next police gear expo in Beijing going to be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic situation there...pity, I expect some new developments be on display there.
Source? I'd like to know where this info comes from


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Judging from images from the past two plus years, exoskeletons are proliferating for logistical tasks.