Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Night vision goggles for one eye only?
I have covered this before, the problem is a bit complicated but, for a soldier duel eye helmet mounted systems are okay for navigation but useless for shooting, fair in other tasks. Unless you mount a laser sight you can’t get a good lineup on what you are trying to shoot at. This holds true for monocular and binocular configurations.
It’s impossible to get a good weld into the iron sights, difficult for red dots or hologram. This results in laser sights being needed but like tracers those work both ways and can be with equivalent night vision used to target where the shooter is.
A weapon mounted tube it good for shooting but not so good for navigating and terrible for anything else as your night vision only see what you are pointing your gun at. It doesn’t need a laser making it better suited to combat vs a foe with night vision.

a combination of monocle style night vision tube and rifle scope with some training Is at this point the best all rounder. You can navigate, perform tasks and shoot. No need for a laser sight. Some top of the line models will even pair up generating a FPS style hud telling you where your rifle is pointed.


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In the two previous posts about Plaaf Airborne , we can notice that grey-blue smurf era is over , but one thing is interesting , in the first post we see old airborne equipement covered with starry camo , but in the second post we see the airborne unit with the full new uniform & kit (the new tactical vest and helmet)


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Presentation of three types of new starry sky camouflage uniforms in desert variation.
So two versions of working uniforms, v1 with open collar although I suspect they the collar of v2 can also be worn open. But V1 wanted the collar rank ensignia and option for the ascot. V2 wanted chest tabs and the closing collar..

Then the combat shirt. No rank ensignia seen clearly meant for under armor wear where the chest pockets, flaps and material would just get in the way. Rank would be on the armor. I am guessing they don’t want it worn on its own for long.