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Are they planning to pay Russia for the tech? And do you mean on par with Russia and west's technology of 2010 after 2030(+10 years)... I'm giving another 10 year margin.
probably just like Chinese pay Russians to get know how but mostly get inferior products in return like those noisy Chinese submarine.
On par I mean carrying K 5... K 6 SLBM comparable to M 51, trident and Bulava class of SLBM. India has already tested K-5 motors back in 2017..will be part of upcoming S 4 class SSBNs.

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You see India don't like to brag about it's capabilities like Chinese fanboys do about there junk HQ 9 to 20 , J-20 etc etc... and end up importing russians S 400, SU -35 etc in end.
India just don't want to build noisy submarine like Chinese and are waiting for something like Borei class or there western counterparts at minimum in term of capabilities.
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