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@Sardaukar20 and that my friend is why India is poor and will remain poor, Indecisiveness kills. Half hearted effort produce failure.
Yes, true. But the real underlying reason is Indian arrogance.

Some would argue that ASEAN countries do the same. For example, Singapore always tries to strike a balance between the West and China. It never fully commits to either side. But there is a big difference, Singapore and the other ASEAN countries (except Malaysia and Brunei) practice Realpolitik. They know they need both the West and China, so they try to please them both for their own benefit. It keeps them out of sticky situations, and they get the best of both worlds.

But India, oh... India. India is just so clueless about Realpolitik. India demands other countries to please it first. Because India is Superpowah! India rejects Chinese businesses to "teach China a lesson". But when Western businesses wanted to come in, there's Atmanirbhar Bharat. India expects Russia to offer its top arms for sale, but at the same time, wants to buy less Russian arms for more Atmanirbhar Bharat. India wants other countries to open up their economies more to India, yet at the same time, India imposes import tariffs and restrictions. India is just so fond of one-way deals. It wants the cake and eat it too. This is a total lack of understanding of Realpolitik and making deals. Its plain arrogance + stupidity. This is why India can never truly grow up.


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Damn guys which of you use the Love emoticon on posts about unfortunate India news. You guys are sadistic. Lmao.

But yeah I come to this thread to get some laughs too. Lol.


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Lmao in a cash based society that doesn't have advanced tech, what was Modi thinking when he decided to just pull out cash bills?

Maybe he was thinking of jumping right into a WeChat Pay society LMAO. What a failure.

I think Modi is using his beard and not his brain to think for him.
Modi just does whatever his PR advisers think would look cool.

Turns out that taking marching orders from Malcolm Tucker (PR guru from In the Thick of It sitcom) IRL is a very bad idea.
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