Impact of China's rise in the world - Long term predictions (30-50 years)


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Well the road to redemption is to acknowledge your sin(failing) as good Christian said. The same thing if you denied your shortcoming or making excuses for your failing then you never progress. You cannot be polite or deferential when you do analysis as to why you don't make progress. You have to see as it come, no beating around the bushes. That is what LKY did He go straight to jugular and dispense with nicety and decorum. There is no morality in perpetuating misery in the name of political correctness . That is the problem with western democracy or TV show go to the lowest common denominator . When the eastern culture tend to go to the highest achievement and excellence!
As I said he just be honest to himself and that is rare.
I believe that there is a difference between acknowledging one's failings and being excessive about it. For example, we all know that during the Century of Humiliation, China was behind much of the world (in terms of development). China was "backwards". But no (patriotic) Chinese person would say that China in that time was "barbaric" or "uncivilised". Humility and introspection are incredibly important, but a complete lack of pride/self-respect (which I would deem as being excessive) is also not a good thing, as it can lead to nihilism.

But perhaps I am focusing too much on the "spreadability" of the idea rather than the emotional condition of the writer himself. At the very least, the writer's willingness to self-depreciate so much at least showed that his intent was sincere.