If China would rule the world

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FriedRiceNSpice said:
Henry, are you schiopherenzic? On one hand, your all pro-China, yet you say China won't be able to get a missile defense shield and you don't want China to expand its influence to Africa. I am neither pro-Western nor pro-China in this thread. I am simply trying to be neutral. That is not to be confused with your stance, which seems to be similiar to the rantings of a madman.

How could China build a working missile shiled system when the "allmighty"
America dosent even got one? You talk, that China will build a "missile shiled" and then start bullying it's neighbours, just like America. You asume than when China reaches americas might it will immidietly start acting like the "new us" Your just jealous of China and that is why you want to make up all that shit. Besides, with modern WMD:s Japan and Korea will be able to defend them selves im am sure. It is WERY difficult to defend yourself from for instanche super sonic stealth cruise missiles, wich for instanche Japan would surdenly fire if it was under attack. So stop skeaking racist rubbish! With modern WMD:s Japan and Korea would survive just fine without the US:s help, and you know that wery well, but you just want to keep America as the dominant super power in that region, so that is why you are making all that bullshit about the Chinese "boogieman" Would America have invadet Iraq if they REALLY have had modern WMD:s???


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"Your just jealous of China and that is why you want to make up all that shit"

You are of course aware that the vast majority of members on this forum are Chinese and proud of it.

Please also stop referring to Neo-cons as White. A recent Genetic survey printed in a major US Medical Journal was suppressed after it proved that er... Neocons, were genetically identical to the Palestinians and other native inhabitants of that region.;
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