Hong-Kong Protests


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I really wish people can just choose their own skin colour. Would solve a hell of a lot of problems.

Maybe she and all her ilk should just fuck off to the UK and tell them she identifies as white. Check and mate! The British will have to let them in and treat them as fellow whites or risk being branded anti-woke and get cancelled.
What we really need is advanced skin augmentation technology. We all know that Gordon Chang is willing to spend his life’s savings just to get one.


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Fun fact: People believe that racism has always existed; however the concept of a racial hierarchy (i.e. "racism") was created by the British. Humanity had all sorts of hierarchies before (cultural, ethnic, class etc.) but the concept that race has a hierarchy is a British invention, which was then exported all over the world, by British imperialism.

The reason why the British invented the first racial hierarchy is merely incidental. British slaver ships started taking slaves exclusively from West Africa because their access to other parts of the world was blocked by stronger empires. Over time, they started to believe that 'white' people are supposed to be masters and 'black' people slaves, because they only ever saw black slaves on their ships. Even though hundreds of miles to the East, 'white' people were being taken into slavery by non-'white' people.

Eventually, this idea of a racial hierarchy began to dominate British-elite society, as a convenient justification of slavery, on which their economy depended. By that point, the British Empire had become global, so this concept was naturally implanted all over the world. It even influenced other competing empires, like the Germans and the Japanese, who created their own racial hierarchies to compete e.g. When the British/Americans told Japan they couldn't join the League of Nations because they weren't at the top of the 'white' racial hierarchy, the Japanese decided to create their own racial hierarchy which conveniently placed themselves at the top.

This history of racism isn't taught in any school. It's a bit awkward to tell kids that people like Winston Churchill were actually more racist than the KKK and neo-nazis today, since Churchill's version of racism meant enforcing imperial racism, not simply keeping the homeland 'white.'

p.s. All human skin is actually different shades/pigmentation of brown.


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Fun Fact #2:

The reason slavery came to an end in Britain/America, was not primarily due to ethical considerations. That's a myth, a feel-good redemption story fed to students today. The primary reason why slavery and the racial hierarchy was abandoned is because the economic priorities had shifted to industrialization, and slavery became counter-productive.

It was a battle between two elites. The legacy elites maintained slave labor, while the new-elites were industrialists. When the interests of these two elites began to clash, the governments sided with the industrialists, because industry was the future and it requires an educated labor force etc.

Interestingly, the conditions of the early industrial workforce were even worse than slavery. This, according to Chomsky, is the most ignored point of the entire history of Slavery in the US. The arguments that the South made to defend slavery were that the North treated its factory workers even worse than slaves. This was true all over the industrial world until the advent of the labor movements. The Industrialists had no answer to this argument, because they were also hypocrites, pretending like they cared about ethics, when it was really just an economic play.


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It is to the absolute fortune of Hong Kong that these cockroaches have willingly deported themselves to anglo-land, where they are treated by their anglo overlords as second-class citizens and probably getting mugged by blacks on a weekly basis.
My concern is can they return back to Hong Kong if they feel regretted?
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This is one of the worst examples of self-hatred I have seen on Twitter. A young, self-hating, racist Hong Kong teenager doing all she can to express her non-Chineseness, hate of her heritage, ethnicity and history. Her entire Twitter is devoted to insulting Chinese, making up fake news about China, spreading negative narratives, spreading negative rumours. It's so bad, I suspect it's an American CIA operation.