Hong-Kong Protests


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Kyle Bass is in even deeper shit, all of that money he lost from trying to short Hong Kong?
yeah, it was illegally raised:
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And from Steve bannon no less!!!

“Voice of Guo”, I can see why FLG and him are fighting for followers, he is trying to make himself out to be a Messianic figure. Appealing to the same people.

Some quick analysis and questions:

In June 2020, GTV’s parent company -- Saraca Media Group -- transferred $100 million of the proceeds to an unnamed hedge fund that takes positions in the Hong Kong dollar and other Asian currencies, the regulator said. The fund went on to lose more than 95% of the $30 million it invested, according to the SEC. That hedge fund is managed by Bass’s Hayman Capital Management, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter.

If it only invested 30 out of 100 million, where did the other $70 million go? Right into Bass's pockets?

“The issuer of the securities shouldn’t be taking the proceeds of the offering and turning them over to a hedge fund,” Painter said. “How was that approved? Who approved that? Did they tell the investors that that’s what’s going to happen to their money?”

Among the SEC’s claims were that some “unaccredited investors” bought shares in GTV, meaning they likely weren’t eligible to have their money put in a hedge fund. Several investors who participated in the GTV stock offering have filed lawsuits against Guo and the companies named in the SEC’s case.

This is a really good question actually. It should naturally lead into "Who's money is it?".

For this I would refer people to these articles:
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“It’s a trade that surfaces every couple of years,” said Paul McNamara, a London-based money manager at GAM UK who helps oversee $9.4 billion. “People who actually expect the peg to break don’t make money, and I doubt they will this time.”
So trying to break the peg is not a popular bet. As the article notes, even Soros failed.

Bass has told prospective investors that the idea for the fund came from Hayman Capital’s largest client, without saying who it was.
We now know this is Bannon or Guo. However it's important to note that he did not say the MONEY came from this client, only the idea.

Traders including Hayman Capital Management’s Kyle Bass, Crescat Capital’s Kevin Smith and Trium Capital’s Thomas Roderick are betting the unrest will spur capital flight...

Now here's the meat of it. How can capital flight happen?

1. You have a big name like Soros pushing this idea. This would prompt others to make the same bet. IMO, Kyle Bass does not command that same reverence.

2. Sustained instability of the economy. However...
...the city’s currency shows little sign of imminent collapse. In fact it’s been so strong in recent months that the city’s de-facto central bank has sold more than HK$40 billion ($5.2 billion) since April to prevent the currency from appreciating outside its trading band.

I am not a currency trader or options trader, so correct me if I'm wrong here.
The amount of money is a drop in the bucket compared to the monetary reserves of HK Gov't alone, let alone the Central Gov't who stated in no uncertain terms that they will STAND WITH HK. If we take the leverage of 200:1 for 30 million, that is 6 billion worth of contracts. A sneeze for HK government on it's own. If we leverage the full 100 million, then you have a more significant 20 billion (vs. 400), but basically nothing if the Central Government is behind it as well.

Basically it was a really tough sell even with the protests happening. Who wants to wager large amounts of money on such a longshot? In fact, the typical way to bet on a longshot is to wager small amounts because the potential payout should be many multiples. I don't think any smart investors would put big money into his fund. Maybe "F-around money" at best.

So coming to the short version...
Knowing that this was hard sell at best, this looks like another influence operation that failed. The amount of money is not nearly enough to move the needle, so at best you have "a big name" (in some circles) trying to sell the idea. With so much to lose, it inevitably must be bankrolled by foreign agencies because a smart investor would not want to throw so much money after a bad bet. Maybe the 70 million is pocketed by Bass as payment for basically throwing away his reputation.

While we like to point fingers at the US all the time, I would not be surprised if the UK had a significant role in this.
UK Politicians were already known to be involved in a scheme to promote unrest in HK (
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Furthermore, UK has been the most eager to try to benefit from HK Capital flight.
1. Capital injection from BNOs has routinely been a highlight of parliamentary reports
2. Obvious Brexit issues
3. UK was hurt by HK Government's stop to retirement fund withdrawals by BNO's.

Should have invested some of that money in his hairline...


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Some additional info
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Not sure if this is significant or not because I am not well versed in Financial Law
The SEC has calculated that GTV's illegal offerings totaled 487 million from 5000 investors.
That is just under 100,000 per person.
Seems like a threshold that can escape further scrutiny?
Also IMO, that sum is not something an average person would invest. I mean, what is the return on "GTV" anyway?
Maybe Guo is more capable than Master Li at parting his followers with their assets?

Many questions...


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Christianity was and is weaponised by white european colonisers- it's not a coincidence for instance that the CIA is mostly staffed by Mormons, or that christian missionaries acted as spies and interpreters for the opium paddlers of the 19th century, or that white colonisers cultivated chinese christian converts to act as their compradors in Asia, or that Chiang kai Shek had to convert to christianity for the anglo americans to bestow favour, or that depictions of jesus in asia tend to be the blonde haired blue eyed, aryan pleasing types, or that american protestant converts in korea were given choice positions of power and wealth.
Or that the HK protests had christian organisations and churches acting as nucleuses to foment rebellion as in 2019.

What white anglo christians want out of china is a latin american/filipino type state where the majority of Chinese live in abject poverty, at the tender mercies of white european missionaries bestowing food like this example:

For all those ppl saying "oh but look, it's charity", let me remind them that those white women, her people and her nations forced opium on China, forced the degradation and destruction of Qing China much like anglo american presence in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq caused the destruction of those nations.
White european presence in Asia has been nothing but a cancer, both materially and spiritually; they robbed, raped, murdered and stole, and then their women came with bibles to present a humane face whilst they plundered the continent and expected you to be grateful for your own exploitation.
Those two white women sure had lots of freedom, so much they were willing to share some with the untermensch.


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In the context of post colonialism, Christianity in Asia cannot be viewed as anything other than worship of whites and white supremacy
Yeah, their attempts at spread Christianity in this way by destroying other nations and trying to prop up governments to exploit and harm the native populous while painting themselves as heroes (which goes against everything that God has preached) means that these western nations (basically any white supremacy minded lunatic that cannot let go of there desire to control others in there so called belief in God) are going to bare the brunt of Gods judgement and no amount of belief in a so called rapture that is supposed to happen before the tribulations, is going to magically spare these people of a judgement that is long over due. It sickens me that the west use the word of God to commit atrocities and them claim that the rapture is going to come to save them for hell simply because right now they are not going to be on the right side of history in the coming years. It is insulting to think that people re going to convert to Christianity when the very people who preach it are busy stabbing anyone that disagrees with them which ultimate means that the western world has done a great job in showing that despite Christianity isn't supposed to be a genocidal religion, the majority of its supporters are so damn hateful that it ensures that people are turning away from Christianity as a whole due to the sheer hypocrisy. I have commented on this before on youtube when they try to preach this whole rapture business about how the actions of the USA are literally creating the circumstances to which the USA is going to pay for its sins but they are not capable of reason so it is pointless


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Hong Kong must be de-anglicised;
It matters not what financial trading groups want, they want Chinese money, they better start learning to speak and write chinese
Truth be told the average Hong Kong citizen struggles with the English language as much as they do Mandarin... Most of the people I went to school with barely can chain together the words needed to form a sentence, let alone comprehend the English language itself.