Hong-Kong Protests


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Freedom means privilege. The more money, guns, and political power you have, the more freedom you have. If you are deemed subhuman and not worthy of even having a stable job and care for the people you love, you have little to no freedom. Britain is the "land of the free" because folks who create the narratives for the Anglo-Saxon nation themselves have the most freedom, including the freedom to colonize others and construct an international system where London would be the financial and political center of the world. How much freedom do the colonized have? I will leave this question open-ended.

There is no need to leave the question open-ended. There is no question. The original Magna Carta essentially codified the rights of wealthy barons/landowners vs. the crown.

Englishman John Locke's philosophy of “unalienable rights” of life, liberty, and PROPERTY was a big influence on the US Declaration of Independence. Just like the Magna Carta, a bunch of wealthy people angry at the government.

Really, it isn’t even really about race. In the article one of the family’s sold their ~1M USD flat to rent. Why? To show up the communist party? As you mention, without property, the rights are just paper. Really just shows they have zero concept of reality.


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Sorry to butt my head in this. And ofcourse, I don't mean any specific negativity to any religion.

China offers 1.4 billion souls as potential converts and believers. Of this, only a fraction (5 - 8 percent) have been successfully brought to that path. Of this, the number of "adherent followers" - which means those who donate, support and endeavour to further spread the religion - are fewer. The biggest obstacle towards the goal of getting the message to the 1.3 billion is the Communist Party and its policies. So quite naturally, some of those who are of the religion come to HATE the CCP. Ofcourse, religious leaders have a big role in moulding the hate.

The Communist governments, historically, have been against organized religion - identifying them as divisive forces ( personally, it's correct). This is one of the reason why the Muslim world and western Europe / US were against it. But PRC isn't by any means as harsh (or even 30% as harsh) as USSR regarding religion. And maybe that's one of the reasons why Communism never got traction even in countries like India ( with absurdly high religious beliefs) or Africa.

So to sum it all - the unique active proselytizing nature of the religion clashes with the resistance of government and this angers the religious leaders and the followers.
There isn't much problem on Buddhist practice in China. It is only when religious spreaders mixed politic or racism with religion, or spreading " the Lord in the sky is the King of all kings down on Earth" kind of preaching, that made them into trouble in China.

Peaceful religions (with-out blind faiths/stupid superstation, and to coerce faith followers to abide religious"laws") like Buddishm thrived with-out trouble in China. Can't said about others using the name of their "God" to conquer and kill. By negating that "God" rules over the Earthly kings, and countries on Earth is rightly so. China is doing all right, and of cause the religious bigots and politicians trying to use religious influences to dominate the World would be very frustrated.


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"the Lord in the sky is the King of all kings down on Earth"

From my point of view this expression is not very problematic, although I prefer the expression "heavens" in plural, that is: the heavens are above the heads of all men, I think Confucius would agree with this expression

What is unbearable is the West-biblical tradition: my little tribal god is the creator of the whole universe, and your little god is a "melon scarecrow."


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"the Lord in the sky is the King of all kings down on Earth"

From my point of view this expression is not very problematic,
It is extremely problematic and the source of numerous troubles for the rulers since religion was created.

Secularism and Religion dont mix. By saying that "God is above kings" it spreads a belief that the the people justified to do whatever they want to follow God's "teachings" since "God is above king" means that the King's law is below that of God's.

No. Religion should be abolished from such thing. God can rule his/her heavens for all I care. However down here in the real world, his/her supposed superioty should be nothing.

Faith and beliefs are a strange thing. The moment you give them an opening like allowing them to say "God above kings", they start snowballing and the next moment you turn your head, the society is going down the idiocracy/theocracy route

Ok enough offtopic for now


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Christianity was and is weaponised by white european colonisers- it's not a coincidence for instance that the CIA is mostly staffed by Mormons, or that christian missionaries acted as spies and interpreters for the opium paddlers of the 19th century, or that white colonisers cultivated chinese christian converts to act as their compradors in Asia, or that Chiang kai Shek had to convert to christianity for the anglo americans to bestow favour, or that depictions of jesus in asia tend to be the blonde haired blue eyed, aryan pleasing types, or that american protestant converts in korea were given choice positions of power and wealth.
Or that the HK protests had christian organisations and churches acting as nucleuses to foment rebellion as in 2019.

What white anglo christians want out of china is a latin american/filipino type state where the majority of Chinese live in abject poverty, at the tender mercies of white european missionaries bestowing food like this example:

For all those ppl saying "oh but look, it's charity", let me remind them that those white women, her people and her nations forced opium on China, forced the degradation and destruction of Qing China much like anglo american presence in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq caused the destruction of those nations.
White european presence in Asia has been nothing but a cancer, both materially and spiritually; they robbed, raped, murdered and stole, and then their women came with bibles to present a humane face whilst they plundered the continent and expected you to be grateful for your own exploitation.


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Kyle Bass is in even deeper shit, all of that money he lost from trying to short Hong Kong?
yeah, it was illegally raised:
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And from Steve bannon no less!!!

That startup GTV Media Group, as in Guo TV, named after Guo Wengui, was in the frontlines during the 2019 riots, giving interviews with cockroach leaders and coaching them on how to riot... A lot of that money came from Guo, from his corrupt dealings in China.

Karma strikes hard.