Hong-Kong Protests


These people left hong kong to work in the UK for their former ruler at a huge pay cut and lower standard of living. Less than 20% has found full time job and it sounds much of it are really low like from engineer to driver or from HR to secreatary admin. I can understand people leaving because of better opportunities... but this does not compute for me.

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There is 100,000 vacant trucking positions which must be paying good money.


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Scary how karma works, these protesters/riots choose to side with the west in trying to destabilize China in the name of the west, as though they are insulted for not being white and sharing the same Chinese ancestry as the mainlanders as well as hating China for not being free like the west, now they getting to experience just what this freedom entails in the very nation that has caused so much woe for China with their media that the Brits are completely and utter clueless that it is they who brought themselves down low and it is China the only nation that could really offer a help in hand (which really after all the humiliation that the UK has done means that China would rather let them sink to their deaths).

For these HK people that escape to the UK, well imagine leaving a nation that has the real future opportunity to a sinking ship that has no real way for the mess to be fixed as they have burnt all there bridges and pissed off everybody because they simply are that arrogant. They only escape is ironically because they have a connection to the mainland that they have a slim chance to come back. If choose not to return, well they can reap what the sow in the so called land of freedom that is now going to go down the road of mad max all because the Brits cannot stop with there colonial mind set. Heck I wonder if these HK people have ever suffered real starvation because quite frankly, this is what the UK and soon the USA is about to go though in amass
Freedom means privilege. The more money, guns, and political power you have, the more freedom you have. If you are deemed subhuman and not worthy of even having a stable job and care for the people you love, you have little to no freedom. Britain is the "land of the free" because folks who create the narratives for the Anglo-Saxon nation themselves have the most freedom, including the freedom to colonize others and construct an international system where London would be the financial and political center of the world. How much freedom do the colonized have? I will leave this question open-ended.


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It is both truth and sarcasm. The truth is that they did achieve freedom by going overseas. However, they must also deal with whatever consequences that they will encounter, as well as knowing their place within their new hosts.

Actually, it is very questionable whether the cockroaches obtained more freedom by escaping to the UK. They certainly aren't freer to riot; English police are notoriously heavy-handed. For example, in the
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, at least five people died, and
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. From the article,

Thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, which saw looting, arson, as well as mass deployment of police and the deaths of five people.

Sounds just like the 2019 riots in Hong Kong, right? Except for the English deaths; I doubt any rioters died in Hong Kong, despite repeated violence. But the UK still supported the HK rioters -- as usual with the maximum hypocrisy.