Hong-Kong Protests


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A bot of a gamble but China could turn June 4th into a official victory day against color revolution/insurrection. Control the narrative and not allow others to control it. There is enough evidence of PLA bodies and circumstantial evidence, especially chai ling's interview.

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Nah, that is the whole point, you need violence and tits, that's how you take control of the narrative. Actually, I'm talking about 3 movies. One to set the background. Two for the action, Three for "Where they are now".

But that's not to say I want to Michal Bay the shit out of it, maybe Speilberg it, a tad bit, but definitely Soderberg.

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People might not love FREEDUM and MURICA, but they definitely love tits and guns. Nobody's gonna use clips from a documentary.
What about Fan Bingbing with a boob shot before she gets too old? @Equation


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The news from Hong Kong these days gets better everyday. Good riddance!

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SCMP in shumbles

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Her decision was first published on Friday morning by British newspaper The Times, which said the move came “as China tightens its grip” on Hong Kong.
she raised concerns about uncertainties under the Beijing-imposed security law.
“The problem that has arisen in Hong Kong is because of the new national security law which doesn’t impinge on commercial life very much at all. It’s all about protests and civil liberties and the like,” she said.
“The jury is out on how they will be able to operate the new national security law. There are all sorts of question marks up in the air.”


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SCMP in shumbles

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This is the thing, the western MSM keeps repeating their line that Hong Kong lacks "freedom", which is why these used condoms are demanding their "freedom".

But in reality, where in the world would a sovereign country allows foreigners to sit their courts as judges? No freedom my arse!

Here's a video from SCMP about the implantation of Hong Kong's national security law education day. The first in Hong Kong this April.

I was going to post this in April, but I was doing a Joshua Wong.... namely serving time. Lol

Anyway, it's about time I say.