Hong-Kong Protests

Not sure which bit of my post is "not quite true"?

I agree with your post, but these are two different things. My post is about foreigners playing politics with China and Hong Kong. And I think yours is the same. So not sure where's the "not quite true" bit?
That once a US-China trade deal is done foreign support and instigation for agitators/agitation in HK will cease.


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Do you even read what I said? Not sure how would you jump to this absurd conclusion. From our perspective and view, rioters of course are violent. Any reasonable or not bias people would agree that the rioters are violent.

But that is what we see things not what the pan-Dems camp supporters see things. Most pan-Dems camp supporters have been brainwashed by the oppositions, rioters, and the media to think otherwise. They see things differently and justify violence in many ways and forms.(For the sake of no more confusion, majority of the HK people support the rioters but some of them condone violence and some of them don't condone violence.) Some pan-Dems camp supporters who don't condone violence but still choose to support the rioters for various reasons.

So for those who don't condone violence, what excuses they give to justify the violence?
1. The whole thing is stage. (Complete denial, if there is violence, then it is a show or fake.)
2. Those in black are actually police officers. (projection of blame, blame-shifting, fake news to sow confusion)
3. The police are more brutal, and the HK government is a tyranny. So violence might not be acceptable but at least understandable and justifiable.(The other side is at fault.)(fake news to sow hatred such as fabricated story of police killings at Prince Edward Station and to reinforce the notion that the police are the bad guys).
4. It is for the greater goods. A necessities for revolution and the only mean to fight back a tyranny(the hk government and the police) (Justification and glorification).
Nice examination of how pathological self-delusion can work.

I actually looked at
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It is true that the pan-Dems got 57.1% of the popular vote.

However, this is only 1.67 million votes. Therefore, even if we assume that every single pro-Dem voter was supporting the rioters, that is only 23% of Hong Kong's population of roughly 7.4 million.

So your assertion, that a majority of the Hong Kong population is supporting the cockroaches, is NOT proven.


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Sneaky show of support to the rioters from the Watson group! Lee gar shin, another traitor amongst many traitors.

The thing is these traitors. Some of them make their money from China! Just goes to show that they are happy to take your money, whilst quietly stabbing you in the back!

For those who can't read Chinese. The print on the bottle says success, but turn it upside down and its said add oil. Also bottom of the label said support students. IMG-20191216-WA0003.jpg


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So under the British, Hong Kong was still considered a "third" world economy. (yes, you heard it right, they did labeled it as "third" world), but through the hard work of the previous generations, and no thanks to the British. Hong Kong is now classed as a developed economy. (or first world as it was known then)!
This is one of the saddest parts right? It was the hard work of previous generations that made HK a great city. Now these younger kids are waving US and UK flags and throw their parents, grandparents under the bus. These countries never helped HK before, why do you think they can/will help you now?


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Here is the video showing Chinese soldiers being welcolm into Macao! I was in Hong Kong at the time of the handover, and I do not remember such welcoming! Yes, their were fireworks, streets were decorated. All the signs of celebration was there, but one thing was lacking and that was the enthusiasim, it just didn't feel the same as Macao.
The so called 5 demands are just a road map to seek independent or semi-independent and to create anti-CCP/China/Chinese government in HK. The central government knew full well that there is no hope to change things on the ground til the HK people stand up to the rioters themselves. Until then, the central government would weaken HK and diversify its functions such as tourism, trading, and financial. Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Macau would be directly benefit to these changes.

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Exclusive: Protest-free Macau to win financial policy rewards from China
Don't need to go back 20 years.
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Only two years ago, PLA was formally requested to assist in disaster relief by Macau regional government.

Garrison was deployed in "combat" uniform, which showed confidence in local support.

This might seem like a small detail, but it is not. Not sure where these decisions are made in the PLA chain of command, but usually a local commanding officer can dictate "dress of the day". If they had felt combat uniform would send a bad message, they can authorize PT gear like sweats.

In HK, standard orders are for any military uniform not to be worn outside of barracks unless for some kind of event. This is pretty extreme, as it is pretty typical for any military personnel to go out in uniform to make a coffee run or some other thing like that. However, since PLA presence is so sensitive for some HK people, they are obviously erring on the side of caution.