Hong-Kong Protests


Just a quicky whilst at lunxh break. Just heard/seen clips.
,home made bomb exploded
Petrol station set on fire
Three buses set on fire together to block street.

It's basically a full blown riot. Interesting to see if MSM will report it as auch!
Anyone still think this will die down on its own?


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Well I actually see some western media beginning to condemn the rioters. There have been two English interviews with rioters where the journalists absolutely take the rioters apart. This is pure psyops.

Rioters/ protestor movement is associated with liberal democracy and western thinking. CCP is not biting the bait and acting in a way that western elites accuse them of i.e. violent and unreasonable, instead showing the rioters as violent and unreasonable idiots. You see they are throwing everything at the wall and seeing if anything sticks. Imperialist flag waving to property damage to uncontrolled violence, they are trying to provoke both the rational and hawkish policy makers in the CCP. The Chinese elites aren't as easily triggered and emotional as they imagined. Going in guns blazing is EXACTLY the response they're looking for. It'll be Chinese killing Chinese all while they show the world that the CCP is exactly what they accuse them of being still... decades after Tianenmen. They'll be laughing a continent away at the mess.

But now China (with some help from Russia) is beginning to show the neutral world and even some westerners what a taste of the truth really is. The humanity of this is so revealing if one looks hard enough but outsiders don't care just like most Chinese don't care about Middle Eastern affairs. Important observers are Chinese mainlanders and Taiwanese. I guess the US wanted to spark an anti government movement inside the mainland but all this has done is cement CCP control and support even further. So what do they do now that the main objectives have more or less failed? Well on one hand continue the destruction of a Chinese city all the while distancing liberal democracy and western thinking from the animals who are rioting. "This is not what democracy is" has been the main subtext in both English speaking interviews when the journalist (both older white individuals) are destroying those intellectually deficient and overly Romantic Hong Kong rioters. The condemnation and distancing has already started since they don't want to continue being associated with the actions of those rioters. But they will keep on the carnage because there's nothing to lose for them there and if CCP bites the bait and goes military, they've won the PR war.

Why do you think the CCP has done nothing overt so far? Despite plenty of reasons to and the precedence being on their side? France, US, Britain, you name it, have already killed protestors for far, far less not even that long ago. The only explanation for this is that thankfully some CCP leaders aren't reacting quite so impulsively.


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I am not calling for ‘white shirts’ to go fight the rioters in the streets.

All too often, when brave men and women do stand up against the rioters, they find themselves alone. That emboldens the rioters to then gang up and attack those people, as we have witnessed so many times.

You don’t even need to oppose the rioters’ or support the police, all you need to do is speak up when the rioters are harassing and abusing civilians to say that is not how you treat your fellow human being in a civilised society. Hell, even just booing them would help to discourage them.
I think you are underestimating the number of people that try to stand up to them. In that bus video that was posted of the British guy moving the trash bin. I think someone commented that no one was helping. Definitely there were people helping, you can see briefly one of the passengers with the glasses clear some of the debris, but he was simply more determined to move the trash bin, while the others just did enough to get the bus through. Clearly the British guy was more ticked off.

Here's something that was in SCMP today:
The 70-year-old man, who suffered a head injury and is in a critical condition in Prince of Wales Hospital, was among about 20 people who had been removing bricks left by protesters on Lung Wan Street near the Sheung Shui MTR station at around noon on Wednesday, police say.

The group had a dispute with more than 20 black-clad people. According to a police source, initial investigations show the black-clad protesters hurled bricks at the man when he was using his mobile phone to take photos of them.

The victim was hit on the head with a brick and fell unconscious. The two groups then threw bricks at each other. The incident lasted for one to two minutes. Those in black fled before police arrived.
Again, people are trying, but as I mentioned, there is simply superior organization and willingness to travel on the part of rioters.

The problem is partly a lack of leadership from the HK government, but also a lack of pride and national identity. While there certainly are HKers who are proud of being Chinese, it seems a large majority of them do not really know who they are. Without this identity, the concept of fighting for something greater than themselves eludes them, thus they try to continue with their lives while doing their best to ignore the chaos. They are riding toward a cliff while closing their eyes and covering their ears.
I think the reality is that a huge chunk of people are not interested in politics. I think good turnout for an election is over 60%. That leaves 40% who are completely detached from politics. Out of that 60%, how many are actually really, really into it, member of a party or other organization? So, already, most people are not that interested in politics as a whole, so what can you expect other than closing your eyes?

The sad truth is that these rioters and their supporters have become rabid animals, cultists, spoiled children. You keep hearing the same refrains, "Liberate HK, Revolution of our time" or "5 main demands", it is almost like reciting the precepts of Master Li. They only believe what they want to believe, "the police have killed dozens of people", "Communist party is encroaching on our rights", etc. The truth has been lost among them at this point.

They (rioters) don't understand why many of the older generation are against them, they just lump them as communist sympathizers. I think they don't have a concept of what life was like in old HK, or even worse, in old China. They think British were so benevolent, let them live their life how they wanted, so HK flourished. Reality is that life was hard. How many of that older generation 60-70 had to quit school to help the family? School cost money, that money can put food on the table or roof over the head. HK flourished with a lot of luck, and in spite of the British who had no real policy until the 70's. Old China, even worse, rampant illiteracy, widespread hunger, forget about school. Instead, these people take their relatively cushy life for granted. Now they are smashing up everything that the previous generation worked so hard to build "for the future". How does that make any sense? Communists aren't destroying the MTR, you are!

Like I said, cult mentality. Sadly, even the less extreme "democracy" supporters buy this theory, that PRC has "pushed" them to act. In that DW interview with the student union president, she couldn't actually articulate how PRC has actually encroached on freedoms with concrete examples. The fact that Jimmy Lai can run around freely and operate one of the loudest anti CCP mouthpieces really tells you the reality, but that does not fit in with the dogma.


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Wow! i'm not sure what I'm seeing!? The logical conclusion is:

1/ the thugs (lookouts} is just that little bit younger than the main thugs in the riots (although we have seen young thugs beating up old folks).

2/ The guy must be their father or someone they know!

Whatever, it's still impressive, and the thugs wannabe is so compliant!

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The face of the new China, sophisticated , smart, confident and brave. Watch her have a friendly debate with these muppets, can’t out talk her they resort to swearing and drowning her voice out. 30 muppets against a lone Chinese patriot, who is she? I want to gift her chocolates and flowers just to say thank you for making my day.
I saw that video she was very good. My kind of woman, standing up to self righteous bullying through smarts and sophistication.