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There is definitely truth to your theory, I have observed the same in my personal interactions. For example through general conversation I found that a Hong Konger friend who is an ardent critic of the PRC doesn't even know all the provinces in China. The lack of knowledge of Chinese culture and history is not limited to millennials though, under British colonial rule many Hong Kong students have to choose between studying Chinese and Chinese History or a Western foreign language such as French or Spanish and Eurocentric "world" history. The latter combination was held in higher regard by many locals due to the relative rarity, supposed difficulty because it's different, perceived demand in higher status social circles/better job prospects, and mere affiliation with the colonial rulers, exactly as the colonial rulers wanted.

I can't find Supersnoop's post to reply to so I sort of having to hitchhike on yours.

I think he's in danger of overgeneralizing Overseas Chinese by his reference to "pro-democracy" supporters of overseas local-born Chinese millennials.

The ethnic Chinese in South East Asia have a long history of immigration to the region stretching back to 600 years (The time of Zheng He voyages) and still retain their Chinese culture and language. I believe this is also true to some extent in some western countries although to a lesser degree in terms of population. As opposed to most western countries, there is very little recent immigration from China to SE Asia in the modern era.

Perhaps a line should be drawn on the supporters on both sides (in Vancouver, I haven't heard of any demonstration in relation to HK in Asian countries) between those who immigrated from HK for political reasons in the first place and those who immigrated from China and HK for reasons other than political.
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the article is based on interviews of several individuals who said they felt uncomfortable; the story of the last interviewee in the article is ironic:
Meet the mainland Chinese who are living in fear in Hong Kong
  • Recent immigrants to the city say they are becoming increasingly anxious after seeing a protest against an extradition bill mutate into a violent campaign against all things Chinese
  • In a city where Cantonese is the local language, Mandarin speakers say they are keeping quiet in public and even telling their children to speak English to avoid being targeted

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the article mentions, thrice, "deterrent effect" of so called anti-mask law, and also comments on events related to Yesterday at 7:47 AM
the events according to the SCMP article I linked above:
"In Sham Shui Po, a taxi driver in his 60s rammed into a crowd of protesters and injured a woman. Angry masked groups then pulled the driver out of the car and beat him, before he was later rescued by firefighters. Beaten unconscious, his face and head were covered in blood while the windows of the taxi were smashed."

(hope it's obvious I'm unable to comment on this occasion)
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presumably important PR development but I have to go to work right now:
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Chief Executive of China's
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SAR Carrie Lam on Tue urged foreign politicians to take an objective view of the current situation in HK and stressed that the essence of the recent so-called peaceful demonstrations is unprecedented violence.
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Well "so far" is pretty far, this whole thing have been brewing for better half of a year, no action (at least sensible ones) have been taken then it is safe to say someone dropped the ball. Wish I am wrong though, maybe CCP have some trick up their sleeve, I'd tell them to hurry the fuck up if that's the case.

There's no "trick", Beijing is simply waiting for the right time to intervene.

I think Beijing is waiting for a sign, something that shows HK *wants* help from the Central Government. So far, I have seen no such sign.


NBA says it backs free speech after Hong Kong tweet furore, downplays Chinese-language statement

The NBA has insisted it backs free speech, after US politicians accused it of caving to China in a row over a pro-democracy tweet that has cost the Houston Rockets lucrative Chinese sponsors and airtime.

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Funny he posts the NBA article
From the Article, Adam Silver, NBA commissioner said:
“I accept that it is also (the) Chinese government’s and Chinese businesses’ right to react to those words and, at least from my long-time experience in the NBA, it will take some time to heal some of these issues.”

Free speech works both ways. Silver has it right, Daryl Morey can say what he wants, Chinese businesses can do what they want. Read the article, the typical American media/politician quotes are almost comical in their hypocrisy. Remember Freedom Fries? Marco Rubio doesn't... Remember Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher? He doesn't remember that either. Anyway, too much of that is OT and unrelated to HK.

Meanwhile, no one mentions this:
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Pretty much would be classified as a Hate Crime/Terrorist act in most countries

Enroger is right, USA is the master of media manipulation. That being said, I don't think it is simply direct control. Just like the NBA, large English language media outlets cater to a mostly western audience. Since they operate in a capitalist fashion, they print stories that they can sell to this audience. Look at the survey results from earlier posts, places like USA/Canada have an under 40% favourable opinion of China. Why produce a positive story about China if no one wants to read it?