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exactly my point … if it would be the first blurry image of the H-20 during its maiden flight then fine, but this one really makes no sense at all

It's part of a rising trend of photo dumping. Lots of grainy, low quality, and uninteresting images are being posted indiscriminately as of late without the posters providing any description or justification as to why they're being shared. Some threads are so inundated with photos of such appalling quality that they've become like a
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now that we know ship launched YJ-12 ranges over 400km, it makes more sense now why the PLAN likes having H-6 carry yj-12.
Nice dedicated antiship launch system. I like that China have dedicated system and not jack of all trades. They could decide to put anti-missiles on Y-9Q but it would be less capable in his primary role of anti-submarine warfare and less capable on it's secondary role of anti-ship missile carrier than H-6. A luxury condition to be able to have dedicated systems.