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Sinophobic Wanwanese frogs are the real-life breathing, eating, walking and sh1tting examples of Reddit Island Syndrome.

I suppose he conveniently forgot that the "Taiwanese" woman is officially married to the Chinese man for a very long time before being forcefully abducted by outsiders, imprisoned, r4ped, tortured and continuously brainwashed to hate her own husband... how typical.
Taiwanese women are waiting for liberation, literally.


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Fujian vs Zhejiang Maritime Territorial Dispute (War?) -


Machine translation -

"Xingzai Islands

There is an administrative dispute between Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province and Fuding City of Fujian Province over the Xingzai Islands, which are currently under actual control by Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province.

It consists of the main islands of Xingzai, Split Rock, Changyu, Vertical Gate, and Zhuli Island, and multiple reefs such as Hengjiao and Nanjiao.

They are also called the Seven Star Islands because they resemble the arrangement of the Big Dipper.

There is not a single person on this archipelago...but the surrounding waters are rich in shells and fish resources.

The Zhejiang side once erected a cement boundary marker on the island, but it was later blown up by the Fujian side."

Map for context -

fujian vs zhejiang.jpg

Anyone know the respective force composition of the two sides?


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Please forgive if this is frowned upon to simply share a link from another one of the defense/defence forums, but holyyyyyyyy fucking shittttttttt is the Pakistan Defence Forum a source of infinite and ab-cramping LOLZZZZZ.

I basically didn't get any sleep tonight and going into a monday and it's all because I just...can't...stop...LAUGHING at literally every single thing and every single poster on the Pakistan Defence Forum.

I mean just LOOK at this:

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It's like they 're in some kinda competition with themselves to see how much they can shock, awe, and humorize anybody with internet access.
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